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Relief from
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Guaranteed!
Effective Acne treatment in only minutes a day!
The Caribbean Sun... offers unparalleled treatment of mild to moderate acne. The clever design of this unit provides for control of both the red and blue lights (LEDs) independently. The unit has two switches so you can turn on the red light, the blue light or both.
It works wonders for me. I have the CSB and used for 3 month. Best one I've found is the
Caribbean Sun. The others just don't add up in my opinion. I can't stress enough
how awesome.
Caribbean, I bought one of your SAD light boxes #CSB-BL and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. What a difference I can tell. I use it beside my computer screen. I can't wait to get to work and turn it on every morning. I use it all day long. Thanks. David T
I think the unit is constructed very well; it is made of steel rather than plastic. The unit is also compact. Combining it's size and durability, it makes a great unit for traveling. monktonmama
If you are looking for a LED light box, this appears to be an excellent choice for the price. I've only used the box a few weeks, but am pleased so far. The light is nice and bright and it filters the harmful UV rays. The box is easy to set up and move around as needed. Trudy
I bought this sun box at a time when I couldn't find any reviews on the web, so I was a little nervous about it. However, the 10 year guarantee, steel construction, no UV rays, small size, right light intensity, and sturdy construction helped me proceed with the purchase. We have kids, so a lot of the other light boxes seemed like they would be quickly destroyed somehow by the kids, particularly if I used in the busy area of the kitchen table during breakfast like I had hoped. This one looked smaller and well, less breakable than many others.

I think that the light box has helped so far in mood. We were snowed in yesterday in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, and stayed indoors during a blizzard all day and I felt pretty happy all day after using this in the morning.
I was very suspicious about this item. But after a few weeks of using it I can tell that
it has improved my mood and has helped somewhat with adjusting my internal sleep
clock. It's is compact and easy to travel with and best of all uses only 9V of electricity.
I would recommend this light for SAD patients. Additionally, I should note that the
first one I received was defective (not all of the lights lit up). I called the company and
they sent me a new one right away along with a call tag for the bad one. It did not cost me a cent to get it replaced. And they were fast about it. It comes with a great 10 year warrantee. Buy it!
Alan L
I just wanted to touch base with you to thank you again for all your help in making it possible for Sara to get a light box. She asked me to tell you how well it's working and how very pleased she is with your product. Also, she wanted me to convey that as a result of the light box, she was able to cut back the dosage on some of her medication. She did this as a trial because she was feeling so good and will now take her findings to her doctor so they can monitor this professionally going forward. Thanks so very much. Therese
I bought a Caribbean Sun from one of your distributors on ebay and have been using it to help treat SAD. I also use it on cloudy days in the spring and summer months and the difference has been remarkable. Thank you for making such a helpful product which improves the quality of people's lives! On an interesting note, my indoor cats love it too! Whenever I use it they come around and sit next to me and they don't curl up and fall asleep like usual...they sit there with their eyes open or half open and just seem to actually soak up the light, the same way I do! I think animals have instinctual wisdom and know what's good...maybe the sun box can help depressed pets too? I'm not sure of this claim nor knowledgeable of their hormonal systems and how they differ from ours. Maybe they are just enjoying the light and some companionship time with their human. But wouldn't it be something if it actually helped animals too! Laura P
This morning my bike fell over, knocked over a 50 lb brass altar, which knocked over a photo screen, which knocked over a lamp on my end table, which pulled the cord on my Sun .... which fell on the carpet, which caused it to go out. I unplugged it and turned it off thinking it might need to cool down. It still won't come on. I'm sick about it, because I really like it and it does help me. I do have the original box I've only had it 2 months. I ordered it on October 14. Please let me know what I can do. James D

NOTE: We replaced James' light .... at no charge. It was just too good of a story to pass on.
...the sun box is not a gimmick. It is a serious, well thought-out product, and is one of the few acne treatment light boxes that actually provides the blue light at the recommended wavelength (from research). Dawn
I LOVE your product. After 5 years living away from NY I came back and was miserable when winter hit! So, I found out about SAD light Therapy, and liked your's. Well, I have been using it the last two days and already feel markedly better! Andy I
Thanks so much again. The unit is really helping my daughter's complexion with regular use. It did take about 6 weeks to see strong results, but they are apparent Diann Fisher

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